Tornamesa Crosley Cr6232a-br Nomad Portable Usb Editing

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484Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable with Software for Ripping & Editing Audio, BrownNP5 Needle, Belt-driven turntable mechanismPortable USB-enabled turntable for connection to Windows equipped PC and MacPlays 3 speeds: 33 13, 45 and 78 RPM recordsIncludes software suit for ripping and editing audio contentAuxiliary input, RCA output, and headphone JackVinyl wrapped, wood style cabinet with chrome snap closureFrom the ManufacturerCrosley Nomad USB Portable TurntableMake Vinyl Portable with Digital RecordingTake a musical journey anywhere with the Nomad USB Portable Turntable. With a vintage briefcase style design, easily take music anywhere. This 3-speed portable turntable features built-in stereo speakers, auxiliary input, headphone jack and RCA outputs. The Nomad is also USB enabled to record vinyl to digital files. Simply plug in the USB cable, play the record and watch as the Nomad creates digital files on any computer with the supplied software.Belt-drive turntable with diamond stylus needleUSB enabled for connection to Windows equipped PC and MacSoftware suite for ripping and editing audio contentDynamic full range stereo speakersRCA audio outAuxiliary inputHeadphone jackPortable Turntable and More3-Speed TurntableThe vinyl wrapped chrome snap enclosure with wood style cabinet with handle securely closes to for playing vinyl anywhere. The belt-driven turntable plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records.Rip Vinyl Audio to Digital FilesTransfer and edit vinyl with the USB jack to Windows PCs and Macs with the included software suite.Multiple Output OptionsWoven grill cloth covers the integrated speakers for truly portable audio. RCA audio out allows the Nomad to connect to any external speaker for even bigger sound, while the headphone jack allows for private listening.Portable Audio ReadyPlug in smartphones, portable CD players, or digital audio players in with the auxiliary input port.

Product Dimensions 13 x 17 x 4 inchesItem Weight 10.5 pounds


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