Focal Spirit Audifonos Profesional

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FOCAL SPIRIT Accurate monitoring is a crucial feature in any studio environment, and a good pair of reference headphones is a must. Spirit Professional headphones have been specifically designed to meet the expectations and requirements of Recording Studios, Home Studios and Broadcasting Studios, and extreme care and detail went into the creation of the Mylar – Titanium alloy transducer, which combines rigidity, lightness and high damping properties to preserve the dynamics of the audio signal and to provide remarkably neutral sound without any distortion. The highly accurate reproduction of bass frequencies will reveal the smallest defects in the mix, while avoiding acoustic constraints of the workspace. Spirit Professional offers excellent acoustic insulation to address the constraints of the often-noisy environments specific to Broadcasting and Home Studios.Spirit Professional headphones were created to be as comfortable as possible for long, extended use by using large memory-foam ear cushions which surround the whole ear as well as spread and minimize the amount of pressure felt by the user. The textured black finish is highly shock- and scratch-resistant, a necessary quality considering how often they will be used.
Acoustic transparency and ease of use
Precise and detailed sound reproduction, without distortion
Excellent isolation and acoustic coupling to the ear
Total control of the audio band
Optimal comfort


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