Audifonos Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 Space Clear Con Microfono

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Un legado de la familia Skullcandy, Los Smokin Buds siempre han tenido fama de voltear cabezas. La entrega del Supreme Sound que cada vez se pone mejor conforme subes el volumen, estos audífonos mejoran año con año y han sabido envejecer a la perfección.Designed for FitProblem: You’re plagued with odd shaped ear canals that aren’t perfectly round (don’t worry, it turns out we all are). If you’re using standard buds, it’s like shoving a circular peg into a square hole. It’s uncomfortable. Solution: Off-axis technology born out of our responsibility to make something that fits your oval ear canals. Off-axis technology provides an angled port into your ear, optimizing comfort, stability, acoustic performance and driver size; exactly like putting an oval peg into an oval holeDesigned for ComfortThe oval port is shifted and angled just right to deliver superior fit, comfort and acoustic performance. Plus, moisture resistant materials won't play victim to your sweaty labors.Universal Mobile ControlYou run the show. Manage your calls, playlists and your best friend Siri remotely using our single-button in-line Mic+Remote (Mic1). Answer the calls you want, end those you don’t. Play your favorite song, pause it, or skip right through and be on to the next one (tell ‘em Jay). Voice commands welcome, too.S2PGGY-392S2PGGY-392


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